Schedule for Repair & Test Rides

What is the most important key factor for buying an electric scooter? product specs, look or something else?! Think buying an electric scooter is like buying a car. Like a car, Electric Scooter is a product with the assembly of lots of interconnected parts which might fail due to the nature of the ride on bumpy roads. Don't you think the parts might fail? You take your car to dealership shops for repair but what if your electric scooter parts fail?

Hence, similar to buying a car, it is critical to make sure you will have access to a shop that can take care of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Unfortunately, most electric scooter companies just sell their product and say goodbye to the customer. They do not have resources to back up the customers in case their electric scooter needs parts or repair.The electric scooter market is relatively a new market with all its lack of resources and expertise when it comes to repair and part supply. Most manufacturers are located off-shore and do not have any agents across the United States. Parts are heavy shipping costs are expensive and it is not cost-effective for the manufacturers to back up the customers with parts and repair services. The result will be the customers' frustration buying an expensive product without any support when they need it. They usually end up with a broken scooter abandoned in their home storage collecting specks of dust. In MANINAM Electric Scooter, rather than jumping in the market and selling our e-scooters without having a backup plan for the parts and repair, we started by practicing the crucial process of repair and maintenance. We even started to learn from fixing other brands to expand our expertise in this area. Currently, the MANINAM technician team is capable of fixing almost any advanced electronic and mechanical issues as well as offering limited tire shop services. We encourage you to schedule your service session with us through the calendar below. Scheduler loading…