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You want to test-ride MANINAM E-Scooters? 

You need help with your e-bike or e-scooter repair?

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Why should you pay attention to buy e-scooters from local professional dealerships, not online!

What is the most important key factor for buying an electric scooter? product specs, look, or something else?! Think buying an electric scooter is like buying a car. Like a car, Electric Scooter is an assembly of many interconnected parts which might fail during the ride.

Hence, similar to a car, it is critical to have access to a shop or dealership that can take care of your vehicle maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, most electric scooter companies just sell their product and say goodbye to their customers. The electric scooter market is relatively a new market with all its lack of resources and expertise when it comes to repair and part supply. Most manufacturers are located off-shore and do not have agents across the United States. Parts are heavy and shipping costs are expensive. It is not cost-effective for the manufacturers to back up the customers with parts and repair services. The result will be the customers' frustration buying an expensive product without any aftersale support. In MANINAM Electric Scooter, we operate differently! Our technician team is capable of fixing almost any advanced electronic and mechanical issues.

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