4 Ways E-Scooters Refine the College Campus Commute for Students



Anyone who has spent time on a large college campus knows how long it can take to get from the dorm room to different classes on the premises. Those who choose to live off-campus have an extended commute that often involves spending more time in traffic with hundreds of other vehicles heading in the same direction. Fortunately, e-scooters refine the college campus commute experience, making the travel more accessible, less stressful, and enjoyable.


1. Get Even Further at a Faster Pace

With e-scooters, such as the MANINAM Electric Scooter, traveling further at a faster pace has never been easier. While operating at speeds of up to 16 mph, users can choose from three different speed levels to quickly get where they need to go. Riders can determine which speed level works best for them based on their comfort level. The 300W-450W motor power keeps the equipment running smoothly for a steady range of roughly 20 miles before it needs charging. The durable yet lightweight mobility option is the perfect alternative to vehicles, bikes, and traditional kick scooters.


2. Stay Safe with Innovative Features

The cutting-edge features provide a safer experience for e-scooter riders. With the UL2272 safety certification and user-friendly dynamics, such as the low standing area, low center of gravity weight distribution, and front drum brake, the e-scooter makes riding a worry-free and enjoyable experience for college students. In addition to the essential dynamics designed to keep riders safer while traveling, the scooter comes with built-in front lights, bright curved-shape rear lights, and long side ambient lights to make presence known. These bright lights illuminate the area to provide greater visibility at night.



3. Travel in Style on Campus

While developed with luxury style in mind, MANINAM's electric scooter also includes an edgeless design that prevents scratches and damage from appearing. Such an advanced design increases longevity while making it easier for college students to keep the e-scooter in excellent condition. In addition, students can feel comfortable and confident riding on an innovative device with a one-piece deck that doesn't contain moving parts. The absence of moving parts creates a pleasant riding experience for all.



4. Avoid the High Cost of Gas and Save Money

The cost of gas constantly fluctuates but has continued to rise for the past several months. Even if students have their license and a vehicle, keeping it parked and riding an e-scooter saves time and money. It's the perfect alternative to walking or driving from one class to the next. It doesn't waste gas or cost money to ride like public transportation would as an alternative mobility solution. As a result, it's better for the environment and provides a budget-friendly option for college students often looking to save money while getting to and from campus with ease.

Lengthy college commutes are tiring and frustrating for students, but the right e-scooter can quickly refine the experience to make it more enjoyable. With an innovative design and advanced safety features, students on campus can have a safe, smooth, and stress-free ride on the MANINAM Electric Scooter.



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