Let’s begin with our name. “Maninam” comes from two Persian words, “Mani" which means “Eternal" and “Nam” which means “Name”. Together we have “Eternal Name”. We are inspired by these two words. It is our goal to offer products and services which offer high value and which will live forever in our customer’s memories.

Maninam is a bootstrap tech start-up primarily focused on two main product categories. Micromobility Electric Vehicles and Super Fast Charging Technologies.

Our founders have over ten years experience working in the automotive sector with Fiat Chrysler and Renault as Lead Product Design Engineers. 


Our Mission:

Our ultimate goal is to design and develop small-sized personal electric vehicles.

Most of our current transportation is designed to carry 4 to 5 passengers. Requiring a vehicle  that weighs 3,000 to 4,000 pounds, wasting precious resources. Research has shown that the majority of people drive short distances by themselves. 

Micromobility is the answer! Personal vehicles designed to get an individual from point A to point B in a simple and effective manner. That brings us to Electric Scooters, it is a bonus that it can be fun too!

As we move into the future we plan to continue to design and develop additional individual based vehicles.


Current Offerings and Beyond

Battery Chargers:

Batteries and chargers are inseparable elements of electric vehicles and so many other technological wonders we use every day. Our first product offerings are in the battery charging market, USB chargers. High quality super-fast chargers make life simpler for everyone. Future expansion will include chargers for micromobility devices and larger scale electric vehicles.

Please check out our current products on our website and in the Amazon Marketplace.



Electric Scooters (Micro-mobility):

Maninam is making premium single-person EV’s that are accessible to everyone.

Electric Scooters have the potential to transform the way our society operates. Minimizing environmental impact and finding fun as we make our way to our various destinations.

Maninam makes the “Supercar” of electric scooters, premium materials, luxurious design, and one of the warranties in the electric scooter market.

We service what we sell!

Check out our Electric Scooters at: www.maninam-motor.com



 Who We Are:


Mani Fasihozaman, Founder & CEO                   Mehran Fasihozaman, Cofounder & CTO