MANINAM Electric Scooter

MANINAM Electric Scooters

Why Choose Us?

We offer exceptional after-sale service for electric scooters and provide reliable repair and part supply services not only for our own brand of MANINAM scooters but also for other brands. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to ensure that your electric scooter is running at its best. Choose us for a hassle-free electric scooter experience with top-quality support and services.

Model M1 is specifically designed for daily commutes, featuring durable parts and flat-free tires to ensure reliable and hassle-free transportation.

Model M2, on the other hand, is designed for pleasure, boasting agility and speed with a full front and rear suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Model M3 for those who seek a combination of both. This model features the same powertrain as M1 but with smoother handling, along with rear shocks and air tires for added comfort and convenience.