repair and test ride appointment

YES! WE CAN REPAIR OTHER BRANDS! Even if you don't ride MANINAM E-Scooters, we still accept to check your electric scooter or e-bikes for repair as a part of our customer centric policy.

Book your appointment here for a MANINAM e-scooter test ride or a drop off for repair.

A quick friendly advice if you look for buying electric scooter! Electric scooter is an expensive purchase and you might end up LOSING YOUR MONEY for this big issue 👇

Think twice if you found a cheap scooter online from an offshore seller! You should NOT buy only based on price, spec, and look. Make sure the seller has a good reputation in AFTERSALE SUPPORT. Buying online might be cheap but see if the seller is in the USA and have aftersale support. Why? Because buying electric scooter is very similar to buy a car! It has many components subjected to repair and maintenance over time. Check if the seller will support you for aftersales repair and maintenance inquiries. 

Unfortunately, most electric scooter companies (even the most famous brands) just sell their product and say goodbye to the buyers. The electric scooter market is relatively a new market with its lack of resources and expertise when it comes to repair and part supply. Most manufacturers are located off-shore and do not have agents across the United States. Parts are heavy and shipping costs are expensive. It is not cost-effective for the manufacturers to back up the customers with parts and repair services. And this makes the buyers end up losing their money by most-likely abandoning their scooters for just a part failure.

However in MANINAM our focus is more on aftersale support, and long-term customer support by offering warranty and aftersale support. Our technician team is capable of fixing almost any advanced electronic and mechanical issues locally in our shop. If you are local, meet with our technicians for your repair, maintenance and parts. Book your appointment here.