We believe in offering the utmost value to our customers even if that requires extreme challenges. We established this startup company with the core mission of creating tangible value and would like to offer free shipping, generous warranty, parts supply and free test drive and more for our customers.

Shipping Policy: 

All of our products are eligible for FREE shipping within the United States. Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days which depends on destination and volume of demand at the time of order.

Surcharges may apply for International shipping.

Return Policy: 

We offer a generous 30-day calendar period to return the vehicle. The vehicle has to be returned with no damages, wear or tear. 


Please refer to our warranty page.

Parts Supplier:

If you need any parts for your electric scooter, please reach out to us at We can provide the parts as soon as possible. 

Rental Program:

We have a rental program in the Huntington Beach, California. We can offer scooter test drives if you like to test the M1 electric scooter before purchase. If you are interested, you can check out our Rental page at: