E-Scooter vs E-Bike – Comparison

E-Scooter vs E-Bike – Comparison: Traveling is an inevitable part of our lives. Millions and millions travel from their homes to workplaces and universities at the start of the day and then journey back home at the end of the day. However, this daily commute is not an easy task and often disturbs the routine of people. The existing public transport infrastructure is inadequate to accommodate this huge bulk of commuters. Private cars are an impractical solution in these traffic jams. These problems have made Personal Electric Vehicles a preferred mode of transportation.

Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes are rapidly replacing traditional transport mediums. Depending upon the preference of the rider, both PEVs offer an escape from traffic jams, is environment friendly, and can save time considerably.

Electric Scooters are motor-propelled two-wheel vehicles with a stand for a passenger to stand on. Some scooters are equipped with a seat for a passenger. The scooter also comes with a handlebar for steering. Electric Bikes, on the other hand, come with a motor that is assisted by pedals. Below we compare the two PEVs to help you pick the best option for yourself depending upon your need.




1. Portability

For many riders, portability is an important consideration when choosing a vehicle for commuting. Electric scooters, unlike electric bikes, are smaller in size, occupy less space and the folding handlebar feature enables the rider to place it in a car’s trunk, or beneath the public transport seat, or even carry it along. This portability of electric scooters gives it an advantage over the electric bike and hence, is favored by university students and people who travel through subways and trains and do not have the facility of a parking space.[1]

Considering the portability of electric scooters, our engineers have manufactured the scooters using magnesium alloys to make them lightweight. This further adds to the portability of the scooter, making commuting and handling easier for riders.




2. Comfort

For riders that prefer comfort over portability, electric bikes are a favorable option. Electric bikes are equipped with better suspension systems and are comfortable to ride on bumpier roads. The larger frame of an electric bike helps in greater weight distribution, thus making the ride comfortable and more balanced on uneven grounds. Electric scooters are comfortable to ride on a leveled road.[1] However, at Maninam, we have equipped our scooters with suspension systems that are comparable with electric bikes to make your ride on bumpy roads as smooth as possible.




3. Speed

Electric Bikes are equipped with larger motors and hence are faster than electric scooters. Most electric scooters top at 22 mph while electric bikes may reach 30 mph or more. However, with greater government regulations on speed limits, electric bikes and electric scooters’ top allowed speeds are almost comparable.[2]

One advantage that electric scooter offers to their riders is maneuverability. The sleek design makes it easier for the riders to get through traffic jams easier than electric bikes.


4. Safety

As far as safety is concerned, electric bikes are safer to ride than an electric scooters. The design, the seating, the suspension, and the bigger tires make the journey safe. Electric scooters, on the contrary, are less safe. The standing posture, the less damping effects due to bumps and jerks, and the smaller wheels make the ride less safe and susceptible to injury.[3]

However, at Maninam, we prioritize the safety of our customers over profits and sales. Therefore, our team of designers and engineers have worked meticulously to develop an electric scooter that is safe for our customers. By using light weighing magnesium alloys and smart geometry, we have kept the center of mass of our frame at the lowest value. Hence, ensuring stability and balance while riding. The use of solid tires in our design also eliminates the possibility of a blowout and any subsequent accident. To keep jerks and vibrations low, we have kept the attachments, the leading cause of vibrations, at the lowest level. These design considerations have made our scooters the safest possible in the market.



5. Exercise

If you are health conscious and want to do some exercise while commuting, then an electric bike is a good option for you. Unlike an electric scooter, an electric bike is pedal-assisted. You can pedal while traveling and keep your health in good shape. Electric scooters, however, are entirely motor propelled and it does not provide the health benefits of riding a bike.[3]


6. Cost

If you are looking for a cheaper option for commuting, then electric scooters are the better alternative for you. They are the economical means of transport for you. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are an expensive option.[4]

At Maninam, our electric scooters are equipped with solid tires instead of the regular pneumatic ones. These solid tires are flat-free, hence require less maintenance. Besides being flat-free, solid tires also do not need maintaining pressure levels. The use of solid tires further reduces the operation cost of electric scooters. Hence, electric scooters with solid tires are a more economical option.


7. Service

An important factor that influences the decision of many customers while purchasing their vehicle is their ability to get service after they have made their purchase. The availability of a mechanic or other service provider is critical to many customers. Electric bikes have far wider service stations available. Electric scooters, however, do not have vast and readily available services. Also, spare parts are not conveniently accessible.[5]



To provide better service to our customers, Maninam designers have optimized the design of our scooter by use of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. The use of ASME standard parts makes the availability of spare parts easier and more accessible. Hence, our customers can buy electric scooters without fretting about the later service.

The choice between an electric bike and an electric scooter is different for every individual. In this article, we have drawn a comparison between different aspects of electric bikes and electric scooters to help you better understand before making choice.


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