Advantages of Electric Scooter Flat-Free Tires

Flat-Free Tires

  • Airless Tires, Non-Pneumatic Tires or Flat Free Tires are solid rubber tires, not supported by air and provide many benefits over their pneumatic counterparts. They are used and preferred for light use applications like electric scooters, golf carts and skating boards and slow-moving heavy weight-lifting devices like wheel carts and backhoes.
  • Flat Free Tires are literally flat-free, meaning you do not have to worry about getting a puncture and leaking air. This makes them a preferred choice for construction and manufacturing industries where debris can often puncture a pneumatic tire, causing both time and money loss.
  • Flat Free Tires are low maintenance compared to pneumatic ones that need constant pressure maintaining and tear check.
  • They are more economical and reduce the operational cost by lasting longer than air filled tires. Their design makes them last approximately two to three times longer than air filled tires.
  • They are more resistant to wear and tear due to solid rubber structure and hence are more suitable and preferred for use in high-risk environments like glass manufacturing industries where a shrapnel can make pneumatic tire punctures a more common occurrence.
  • They are a better option for use in heavy lifting vehicles as they provide higher weight handling capabilities.
  • With flat free tires, blowouts are not a worrying factor and hence they can be used in heavier vehicles without any fear.
  • The installation of solid tires is also easy as compared to the meticulous and tedious task of changing a pneumatic tire. You just have to change the outer solid rubber part on the rim without bothering with the inner tubes like for pneumatic tire.
  • Another advantage of installing flat free tires is that it can be done without a press, making the changing process a do-at-home process.
  • For cleanliness conscious users, Flat free tires also offer an advantage. Unlike air filled tires, solid tires do not leave marks on the floor. These no marking effect can  be useful in applications where clean floors are a priority.




Why Buy From US?

For us, the transportation industry is a passion and our customers’ satisfaction our ambition. We fret about those punctures as much as you. We know you have sleepless nights thinking about cut backing on expenses to save money for buying new tire because your old tire that you replaced previous month has worn out. We understand your reluctance to change your flat tire because the process is very tiresome and complicated. We are with you all along and are working to make sure you do not feel you are alone in this journey.

To make your ride a smooth, enjoying experience, our qualified experts have worked to provide a perfect tire for your vehicle. This flat-free, low maintenance and durable tire does not need frequent replacing and when it does the process is customer friendly. Let us introduce Flat Free Tires:


  1. Split Wheel Design: this feature of our tire makes the tire changing process a piece of cake.
  2. Polyurethane Foamed Inner Tube: this material has been chosen to make sure your tire lasts longer, are resistant to punctures and flats without compromising the comfort of your journey.
  3. Drum Brakes: these brakes provide more braking force, low heat generation and better corrosion resistance, making your journey end on a smoother note.

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