A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Electric Scooter

Buying Electric ScooterElectric scooters are gaining tremendous acclaim and commendation among the commuters as they offer respite from the traffic congestion of the metropolitans. Besides, the growing concerns among the general population regarding the environmental impacts of fossil-fueled vehicles have been addressed by the electric motor propulsion system which provides green and clean energy. Furthermore, the economical benefits of driving an electric scooter, especially for a short-distance commute has also enhanced its popularity of it among commuters. The ease of driving, the affordability, the portability, and less usage of parking space have made it a popular choice among college and university students as well as adults, too. However, the wide availability of electric scooters in the market decides to select the appropriate scooter a difficult task. Therefore, we have compiled guiding principles that can help you choose the best electric scooter!


1. Weight

One of the key features of an electric scooter that has contributed to its popularity is its portability. Most electric scooter commuters need to carry their scooters up and down the stairs of their homes, workplace, or universities. Some may have to carry it along due to lack of parking space. Thus, the weight of the scooter must be minimum. The design plays an important role. The Maninam scooters have a sleek design without compromising the robustness of the electric scooter. Additionally, the bending of the handlebar of our electric scooters gives it a compact shape, making it easier to carry and sling across the back. Ideally, the weight of the electric scooter should be around 12-15 kg.



2. Range

The economic advantage of driving an electric scooter over the fossil-fueled vehicle is dependent upon the efficiency of the electric scooter, which is dependent upon many factors, the primary being the electric motor battery. The motor of the scooter determines the range which is the distance that can be covered in one complete battery charge. The Maninam Electric scooters offer a 25-35 km range. The range, however, decreases with time as the battery cycles of charge and discharge occur with traveling. Therefore, necessary care measures and monitoring after regular intervals must be carried out to get the optimum range.


3. Suspension

Just like every automobile, the suspension system is important for the comfort of the ride as well as the safety of the rider. The bumpiness and the indentations in the road can become a nuisance and the smoothness of the journey can be affected. In the case of electric scooters, the suspension system must be carefully designed as it not only ensures the smoothness of the ride but also the safety of the rider. A bump can cause an imbalance of the rider and can lead to the toppling of the ride.



4. Tires

Tires are a fundamental part of the electric scooter, as they are the point of contact between the body of the scooter and the road. The traction between road and scooter is vital to the ride as loss of traction can cause slippage leading to an accident. Therefore, the quality of the tire and treads must be of the finest quality.

Another factor that can have serious repercussions on the safety of the ride is the tire flats. These flats can be dangerous during rides leading to an imbalance. Also, changing the flat tire and repairing it can be an annoyance. Therefore, to avoid flat tires and better traction, Maninam Electric Scooters are manufactured using solid tires. These tires are flat-free tires, saving the rider from the trouble of checking the tire inflation.


5. Brakes

Safety considerations are a paramount part of any vehicle design. An important feature of safety is the brakes. Proper and functional brakes are fundamental to ensure the safety of the rider as well as the pedestrians. Maninam electric scooters are equipped with drum brakes. These brakes provide more braking force, low heat generation, and better corrosion resistance, making your journey end on a smoother note.



6. Lighting

Lights are important especially driving at night or during fog days. Front lights can help the rider detect any bumps, incoming traffic, path as well as any pedestrians on the road. Similarly, rear lights are important for safety as they enable the vehicles approaching the scooter to notice you. The design of an electric scooter is such that the lights are not visible. Therefore, at Maninam, our engineers and designers have carefully designed the scooter to enable complete visibility. Therefore, lights are important consideration while buying your electric scooter.


7. Speed

Electric scooters are not made to be the fastest thing. They are designed to help you move through traffic and reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic queues. This demands a sleekness in design. Therefore, excessive speeding on an electric scooter with small wheels can prove to be fatal and one must be careful. Maninam scooters have tried to optimize the speed limit without compromising the safety of the riders. Our scooters offer a speed of 25 kmh which is perfect for electric scooter riders.


8. Charging Stations

Since electric-powered vehicles are a new concept to the consumers as compared to fossil-powered automobiles. Hence, the charging stations are not widely distributed as the fuel stations. Therefore, while buying an electric scooter, the presence of nearby charging stations must be considered. Otherwise, an electric scooter equipped with charging from a wall socket must be preferred.


Hence, electric scooters are a great way to travel – they are super fun, time-saving, and environment friendly, especially when an electric scooter is bought that has all the right ingredients as explained above! [1][2]



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