1 Pcs Solid Tires 8.5X2.0 Inches Electric Scooter Wheels Replacement Tire Front

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  • Made of good elasticity rubber materialIt can produce certain deformation under the action of external force, can quickly recover after removing the external force, and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability, good elasticity, high strength, and good overall performance.
  • The tire has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. It world maintain performance between -40-60℃. The tire has passed the fatigue test at a speed of 25km/h and has a high level of comfort during road tests. There will be no obvious bumpy feeling when passing through potholes.
  • Easy installation and operation:no need to inflate,No more need for patches, inner tube, bicycle pump,convenient to use no need worry about puncture broken.Hot water softening,adjusted flexibly and fixed tightly is over.Because the inner wall of solid tire is harder than pneumatic tires, it will be easier to install the solid tire by softening them properly before installation.
  • The honeycomb tire design uses the principle of bionics and simulates the honeycomb structure to make the tire more lighter and flexible. The specific solid hole structure makes the tire to quickly disperse the pressure when it is subjected to unexpected pressure, thereby ensuring the stability of the tire and greatly improving the tire's ability to resist damage. It meets the requirements of shock absorption, compression resistance, fatigue mileage, endurance, and impact.
  • Package include 1 pcs solid tire.Suit for M365/M365 Pro/1S/Pro 2 Electric Scooter,Gotrax GXL V2/XR Elite/XR Ultra/APEX XL,Gotrax G4.It also compatible with others Electric Scooter Rim outer diameter 165mm and rim groove width 34mm.(Please check your scooter model before purchasing.)
  • Please do not try to install the tire alone. It is suggested that the installation is done by either more than two people or a professional bicycle repair shop which can ensure the success rate of tire installation. Some tools like screwdrivers, spanner, lever and microwave oven are required. We provide installation instructions as below and video.

1.The solid tire is made of high quality material which allows you to easily install the tire on your M365/M365 Pro/1S/Pro 2 Electric Scooter after being soften. Easy to use and replace, adjusted flexibly and fixed tightly. And with wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and durable, no caking, no piercing, no need to pump.
2.Designed with many honeycombs, which can dissipate heat more quickly and serve for a longer time. Scooter Replacement Tyre also can make the tires more evenly stressed and absorb the shock which can provide the better shock absorption for you.
3.Solid tires designed especially for the Mijia M365/M365 Pro/1S/Pro 2 Electric Scooter, front and rear application. The special material with rubber grooved surface provides an excellent grip, precise stability and handling. It can be used in snowy and rainy weather, without danger for the scooter.
4.Method of Installation - To mount the electric scooter tyre, it must first pass . put it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Before you use the tire, please see the video or instruction manual. If you have any  please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to solve your proble.
Rubber Materials Tire:Rubber tires are more heavier. The material is more durable. Better shock absorption.
Weight:about 1.43lb/650g
Package included: 1 pcs 8.5x2.0 inch Electric Scooter Wheels
Tip: Before installing the solid tire, it is recommended that you soak the hot water at about 60 degrees for about 3 minutes, which will make it easier to install. We highly recommend that you buy our crowbar, It is a must-have tool for you to install yourself.