10 Inch Solid Tire 10X2.7 Tire for Hover-1 Alpha JOYOR S Hiboy Titan PRO Scooter 70/65-6.5 Tubeless Puncture-Proof Tire, Explosion-Proof Solid Tires, Shockproof Super-Grip Design

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  • 〖Powerful upgrade〗Shockproof tires Airless Design, Greatly improve the service life of the tire while making you ride more comfortable, different from the market of inferior full solid tires.
  • 〖Polyurethane Tires 〗Made of high-quality rubber material and surface, it has excellent grip, pressure resistance, wear resistance and non-slip resistance, fast heat dissipation, long life rubber groove. Give you confidence to face any path. Polyurethane rubber, polyurethane rubber is characterized by higher hardness than ordinary rubber, and has the characteristics of resilience, heat insulation, sound insulation, and shock resistance.
  • 〖Strong applicability〗10*2.7/6.5 Tire Compatible for Emove Cruiser/gotrax G4/Hover-1 Alpha/evercross Scooter/Boyueda 5600 watt etc. Electric Scooter/Hoverboard.
  • 〖Safe and Convenient to Use〗10 inch scooter tire have no inner tube, no need to worry about puncture, no maintenance, always in the best condition. As a result, tire can withstand any pressure change, just as regular tire are as strong when fully inflated.
  • 〖What You Get〗1*10x2.7 inch tire. (Note: 10X2.7 inch (common to 10X2.70-6.5 and 255X70).
  • Brand-Felixstory by XITA

Product Description

Felixstory 10 Inch Solid Tire, 10x2.70-6.5 Tire

Compatible for

  • Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter
  • emove cruiser Electric Scooter
  • kugookirin g3 Electric Scooter
  • evercross H5/HB24
  • Buyueda 5600 watt Scooter
  • Hiboy Titan PRO
  • EVERCROSS 10 inch Electric Scooter
  • Segway Ninebot Max G30/LP
  • etc. Electric Scooter Tire Replacement

!!!Please confirm your Electric Scooter RIM outer diameter and RIM groove width before your place an order!!!

  • Tire Outer Diameter:236mm/9.26inch.
  • Tire Inner Diameter:151mm/5.94inch.
  • Tire Suit for Electric Scooter rim diameter:175mm/6.88inch
  • Tire Groove Width:54.3mm/2.13inch .
  • Suit for Electric Scooter rim groove width:47mm/1.85inch.
  • Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 0-1cm

Because the solid tire needs to be clamped on the rim, after receiving the tire, you will find that the solid tire size is smaller than the normal pneumatic tire size,tire inner diameter is smaller rim outer diameter.

1. Solid tires. Not afraid of sharp objects such as nails and glass. No maintenance, no pumps, no patches. Say goodbye to tire repairs!

2.Tire smoothly, power consumption is more economical and practical.

3.Designed for efficient drainage patterns. From deep to shallow, to achieve rapid drainage and sand removal without splashing dirty scooters.

4.Strong Weather Resistance. Make it usable between -40℃~60℃.

5.High elastic rubber. Good elastic rubber and unique design reduce impact and increase stability, improve comfort and more anti-shake, stable wear resistance and good penetration resistance.

[Show some detials]

The size

Anti-slip layer

Solid Hole Design

[Installation steps]

Step 1

Soften The Tires, Before installation, you need to put the full honeycomb tire in boiling water for 20 minutes to soften it. Or put it in the microwave for 3 minutes to heat it, but in 3 times of 1 minutes of duration.

Step 2

Cover the inside of the tire with soapy water or Vaseline (please avoid using the gasoline or lubricating oil, otherwise the tire will be damaged).

Step 3

Place either side of the hub on the tire and step on this side (It is recommended to place another tire under this tire).

Step 4

Use the professional tire levers (or work with screwdriver)to make the hub enter the tire.