10 X 2.50 Tire or Inner Tube and Tire Set Replacement for Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooters, Hover Board Fits 10" Scooter Wheels, 36V, 48V, 400W, 500W, 800W Hub Motor

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  • Wide Compatibility - Replace your electric scooter tire with our replacement set! Our e scooter tire measures 10x2.5” and is compatible with 6” rim hubs, while the inner tube fits 10” wheels.
  • Enhanced Grip - Ride safely and with better control as you drive through wet terrain. Our tires are designed with thread pattern blocks and stripes which provide improved grip, traction, and drainage.
  • Heavy Duty, Explosion-Proof Tires - With 40% more rubber content, these tires for scooters are made to last. 4 layers of nylon-reinforced carcass pliers improve elasticity and shock absorption.
  • Easy To Inflate - Hit the road in no time! Built with TR87 bent valves, our electrical scooter tubes boast excellent sealing and air retention. The valve seat is durable and won’t tear pre-maturely.
  • Shop & Ride With Confidence - Our goal is provide you with premium power sports accessories consistently. That’s why this tire and scooter inner tube set is covered under a one-year warranty!

Product Description

Need a replacement for your scooter’s tire?

Imagine leaving for work on your electric scooter, when the tire suddenly goes flat. You’re stuck in the middle of the road with no choice but to hitchhike, grab a cab, or walk the rest of the way.

We know how important it is to always have a spare tire on hand because you never know when it needs changing. That’s why we offer this long-lasting and easy-to-install tire replacement set!

The RUTU Tire and Inner Tube Set ensures that you are never without a usable tire.

This set is bound to fit your vehicle because it’s suitable for different models. It fits scooters and boards with a rim outer diameter of 6" and 36v/48v/400w/500w/800w hub motors. Take note that the tire has an outer diameter of 9.5”, an inner diameter of 5.9”, and a side width of 2.5”.

Not only are you replacing your tire with this set, but you’re also improving your riding experience! It features anti-puncture qualities with thread pattern blocks and stripes to give the tire a good grip, even on wet roads. There’s also an upgraded bead chafer with a 9-strand construction, plus shock-proof inner tubes made of butyl rubber that can last for a long time.

Through years of expertise, our name has become synonymous with adventure and passion. You can count on us for high-grade spare parts and accessories to keep your rides exciting and safe.

When performance matters, your first choice is RUTU Powersports.

Our brand was born out of a love for off road adventure and a passion for power sports. Our aftermarket motorsports spare parts provide the ultimate in performance, safety, quality and value to enthusiasts around the world.

RUTU, driving your adventure!

Take on a new riding experience with a rubber tire that lasts long and can take on rainy days. Textured blocks and strips give you better control and grip over wet roads. This inner tube and tire set comes with 1 tire, 1 inner tube, and 2 quality dust caps.

More reasons to keep on riding with our electric scooter and board tire:

  • Package includes 1 tire, 1 inner tubing, and 2 dust caps
  • DIY inflation and installation

Get a good grip along slippery roads with the tire’s thread pattern blocks and stripes. Save power and enjoy smoother rides!

The inner tube gives you up to 4.8 times more elasticity, while the tire lasts twice as long as many. Upgraded nylon-reinforced carcass pliers and bead chafer provide a better riding experience.

Inflate it yourself with the user-friendly TR87 bent valves.

The inner tube’s max working pressure is 45PSI. Do not over inflate as this may cause the tube to burst.

Before placing the inner tube, make sure to clean the inside of your tire and clear its outer surface of sharp debris like glass or thorns.

Avoid using sharp tools like screwdrivers to install the inner tube, as this may damage the tube and rims. Use a tire spudger instead.