(2 Set) 12.5" X 2.75" Scooter Replacement Tires and Inner Tubes - Tires and Inner Tubes for Schwinn and Dynacraft Electric Scooters

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  • 12 1/2" X 2 3/4" RAZOR POCKET MOD SCOOTER REPLACEMENT TIERS AND INNER TUBES - These high-quality inner tubes fit Razor's Pocket Mod models -Euro-style electric scooters with 12-inch pneumatic tires. Known compatible models are Razor Pocket Mod Bella, Pocket Mod Betty, Pocket Mod Bistro, Pocket Mod Blossom, Pocket Mod Chrissy, Pocket Mod Daisy, Pocket Mod Hannah Montana, Pocket Mod Kiki, Pocket Mod Sweet Pea, and Pocket Mod Vapor.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT SCOOTER INNER TUBES - Fits most gas and electric scooters and children's bikes with 12-inch to 12.5-inch tires that are between 2.25 to 2.75 inches wide.
  • Several compatible scooter models include Schwinn S500, Schwinn Missile FS Electric Scooter, Dynacraft Hello Kitty City Cruiser Electric Scooter, Minimoto Hybrid, X-Treme X-360 and X-370 Electric Scooters, and Zappy Express Electric Scooter.
  • EXTRA THICK AND HIGH-QUALITY ISOBUTYLENE ISOPRENE RUBBER INNER TUBES - Isobutylene Isoprene rubber is proven to be more airtight and has superior elastic damping, aging, and heat-resistance than natural rubber. Experience a more comfortable ride even over bumps and potholes with these inner tubes' superior shock and vibration dampening capabilities.
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF SCOOTER INNER TUBES - It's all fun and games until you experience an explosive puncture. Don't let this happen to your kid's scooter. The AR-PRO's range of replacement inner tubes provide comfort and safety with their high tear-resistance and self-sealing features. Designed to prevent damage to the wheels and injury to the rider, these inner tubes will create an airtight seal when and if punctured, ensuring safety in any weather and season.

Superior Damping Material for Inner Tube Application Razor Pocket Mod Scooters only have rear suspension and mainly rely on the pneumatic tires for shock, impact, and vibration dampening. And what makes pneumatic tires more shock absorbent? High-quality and thick inner tubes. Even when riding on a flat road, it's difficult to avoid bone-rattling bumps, potholes, and rough patches. That's why the AR-PRO 12 1/2" x 2 3/4" Razor Pocket Mod Scooter Replacement Inner Tubes is made with high-quality and thick butyl rubber compound - a material that is a superior damping material over natural and other synthetic rubbers. OEM Premium Quality for Less Put off by the price of replacement parts? Don't get to the point that where you give up on your equipment because it's more practical to buy a new model. AR-PRO offers a range of both exact replacement inner tubes and universal-fit replacement inner tubes that have the same material quality and at times, exceeds OEM part performance. With our cost-effective inner tube manufacturing process, we can produce high-quality and highly durable replacement inner tubes for a fraction of the cost of name brand inner tubes. For an affordable price, you can gain massive savings in the long-run with inner tubes that outperform and outlast other brands.