200X50 Tire & Inner Tube Set - Electric Scooter Tire Tube Compatible with Razor E100,

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  • Most commonly referred to as 200x50 due to its size in millimeters, this ubiquitous scooter tire is also called an 8 inch x2 inch tire.
  • Part number: JX-012
  • Fit type: Universal

For Models: E100 E125/E150/E175 (Front) (V1+)/(V1+)/(V19+) E150 ( Front/Rear) V1-V5 / Powerrider V1+ / E2 Series (Front/Rear) V1+ Compatible with the following scooters plus other similar models: Razor E100 & E125 Razor E200 Razor E-Punk Amplifier A7 BladeZ XTR Lite, eLite 250 BladeZ Ion 250 Bravo Black Box City Bug City Bug Helper E-Boarder E-Scooter w/8x2 tires Force 250 GT 250 & Mini-E GT Kobra HCF 701 HCF 705 Hurricane Mongoose M250 Shocker Salorr Black Box Salorr E3007 Salorr FS102A Schwinn S-150 Stingray Schwinn Mini-E Spartan Sport Storm 350 Street Jammer Tomb Raider Tornado Vapor Vapor II x24 Viza Volt 200W