60 / 70-6.5 Tubeless Tire with Valve for Segway Ninebot Max G30 / G30E / G30LP Electric Scooter Solid Rubber Tires 10-Inch Anti-Slip Explosion-Proof Tires

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  • Tubeless tires, specially designed to replace the original 10-inch front or rear wheels for Ninebot MAX G30 / G30E / G30LP electric scooters.
  • Equipped with a matching tubeless tire inflation nozzle, easy to use.
  • Made of high-quality rubber, it is strong, durable, wear-resistant, explosion-proof, pressure-resistant, and lowers maintenance costs.
  • With its non-slip pattern, it can be safely used for scooters in snowy and rainy weather. It is safer to ride with this wheel.
  • Compared to the inner tube + outer tire, the tubeless tire is more convenient to install and use, wear and puncture-resistant. Compared to solid tires, tubeless tires are more conducive to shock absorption and speed.


Suitable for: Segway Ninebot Max G30 / G30E / G30LP

Equipped with a deep non-slip design that makes it easier to control the scooter even in rainy or snowy climates.

Made of high-quality natural soft rubber, its elasticity is better than hard rubber.

Easy to install and dismantle without damaging the scooter. It can be flexibly adjusted and firmly fixed, very useful and practical.

The scooter tire offers high tear, scratch, and impact resistance is against punctures, durable protects the tube effectively, and extends the service life of the tires.

Can increase driving speed dramatically. At the same time and at the same speed, our 10-inch scooter tires can increase the mileage by 5 km and consume less energy.



Material: rubber

Weight: 0.52kg / pc

Outside diameter: 24.5 cm

Inner diameter: 16.3 cm

Tread width: 5.5 cm

Package list:

1 * Solid Tubeless Tire with Valve