Felixstory 10 Inches Solid Tire, Honeycomb Tires 10X2.125/2.0 for Xiaomi Pro Gotrax Gxl V2 Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter, Rubber Plosion-Proof Tyre Scooter Non-Slip Tire Replacement Wheel (2PCS)…

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  • 【Honeycomb Shock Absorption Design】This 10 inch tire is molded from the original scooter, no need to be inflated or repaired. The cavity design of the multi-dimensional shock absorption structure solves the problem of explosion.
  • 【Applicable Models & Sizes】Honeycomb solid tires are specially designed for xiao mi M365/m365 pro and more electric scooter electric. Tire OD: 240 mm/9.45 inches. Tire ID: 140 mm/5.51 inches. Please check the pictures to confirm your original tire size and compatibility before ordering. Please see Description for specific size.
  • 【UPGRADE MATERIAL】Eco-friendly rubber. The highly elastic and durable rubber is more anti-shake, non-slip, and wear-resistant. It can be used in bad weather like snow and rain without being dangerous to the scooter.
  • 【Easy Installation】 Since 10-inch solid tires have a stiffer inner wall than pneumatic tires, they are easier to install after the tires are properly softened. The package will come with installation instructions.
  • 【Note】 If you receive 10X2.0 tires, please don't worry, we didn't send the wrong product. The size of 10X2.0 is the modification of the size name of 10X2.125 by the manufacturer, and its size is also suitable for 10-inch scooters

Product Description

Felixstory 10 inch solid Electric scooter tires, rubber wear-resistant non-slip tires, non-inflatable anti-puncture tires

Tire Model:10x2.125(9.4x9.4x2inch)(L x W x H)

  • Tire size:9.4x9.4x2inch
  • Tire Outer Diameter:240mm/9.45inch.
  • Tire Inner Diameter:140mm/5.51inch.
  • Tire Suit for Electric Scooter rim diameter:170mm/6.69inch
  • Tire Groove Width:36mm/1.42inch .
  • Suit for Electric Scooter rim groove width:35mm/1.37inch.
  • Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 0-1cm

Because the solid tire needs to be clamped on the rim, after receiving the tire, you will find that the solid tire size is smaller than the normal pneumatic tire size,tire inner diameter is smaller rim outer diameter.

!!!Please confirm your Electric Scooter RIM outer diameter and RIM groove width before your place an order!!!


1* 10 inch honeycomb scooter tire

1* solid wheel installation instruction

1. High elastic environmental rubber. Improve comfort and more anti-shake, stable wear resistance and good penetration resistance.

2. Strong Weather Resistance. Make it usable between -40℃~60℃.

3. Designed for efficient drainage patterns. From deep to shallow, to achieve rapid drainage and sand removal without splashing dirty scooters.

4. Solid tires. Not afraid of sharp objects such as nails and glass. No maintenance, no pumps, no patches. Say goodbye to tire repairs!

5. Good elastic rubber and unique design reduce impact and increase stability.

6. Tire smoothly, power consumption is more economical and practical.

1.Solid tubeless. No need to inflate, no patch, no repair, more convenient to use.

2.Designed with many honeycombs, which can dissipate heat more quickly and serve for a longer time. Scooter Replacement Tyre also can make the tires more evenly stressed and absorb the shock which can provide the better shock absorption for you.

3.Large size suspension tire. Rubber mixing material of 10 inches large size compared to common 8 inch tires, has better damping and obstacles through capacity, cross the speed bumps, effectively cope with battery the rough road.

4.The non-slip groove on the outside of the tire is deeper, which prevents the tire from slipping and increases safety.

[Installation steps]

Step 1

Soften The Tires, Before installation, you need to put the full honeycomb tire in boiling water(50~80°) for 20 minutes to soften it. Or put it in the microwave for 3 minutes to heat it, but in 3 times of 1 minutes of duration.

Step 2

Cover the inside of the tire with soapy water or Vaseline (please avoid using the gasoline or lubricating oil, otherwise the tire will be damaged).

Step 3

Place either side of the hub on the tire and step on this side (It is recommended to place another tire under this tire).

Step 4

Use the professional tire levers (or work with screwdriver)to make the hub enter the tire.