Heavy Duty 10X2/10X2.125 Tire and Inner Tube - Compatible with Smart Electric Balance Scooter Bike, Bicycle, Tricycle, Stroller Replacement Wheels - for 10-Inch Tires with 6-Inch Rims

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  • Fits Most Scooters & Bikes - Our bike tires and inner tubes are compatible with most electric self balance scooters, kids mini bike, strollers, and tricycles with 10x1.75"-10x2.125" and 10.5x2.25" tires and 6" rims.
  • Enjoy Safer Rides For Longer - This premium heavy duty bike wheel stands well against wear and tear and is designed with an expertly engineered tread pattern for increased grip on slippery terrain.
  • No Blowouts & Damage - The scooter tires have an upgraded nylon cord fabric and bead chaffers for enhanced strength against folding and impact. This reduces the chances of tire bulging and blowouts.
  • Better Air Retention - The butyl rubber inner tube for bikes has a copper valve with a thick valve seat. It's 30% thicker and 480% more elastic to retain air and reduce the need for inflations.
  • Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority - Includes 1 inner tube and tire with dust cap. Every purchase is backed by 6 months replacement or refund with hassle-free returns and lifetime customer service.

Product Description

Time to replace your old tires?

Worn out treads, sidewall bulges, poor air retention--these are just some of the many reasons why you may be thinking about chucking your old tires and replacing them with new ones.

But you don't want just any old tire. The wrong tires will have a significant effect on how much you enjoy using your scooter or bike. You want something that's not just easy to maintain, but also durable so you can get the most out of your investment.

This Heavy Duty Tire and Inner Tube Set from RUTU offers superb value for money in terms of safety and service life.

The tire features deep and high performance treads that help improve traction on most surfaces, especially slippery ones. Strong nylon plies withstand deformation and impact, and as 4 bead cords add more strength to the chafers to avoid blowouts.

The inner tube is made from premium quality butyl rubber. Aside from having a higher rate of elasticity, the tube wall is also thicker and less prone to punctures. It's equipped with a pure copper air valve like those used by big brands and has a reinforced valve seat. All these features reduce air leaks and allow the tube to retain air longer, minimizing the need for inflation often.

Delivering quality aftermarket parts to our global customers is our top priority at RUTU. We use only premium materials and follow strict manufacturing standards to make sure that our customers always get their money's worth. Whether your machine's built for work or play, you'll find what you need in our extensive selection of replacement and spare parts.

When performance matters, your first choice is RUTU Powersports.

Our brand was born out of a love for off road adventure and a passion for power sports. Our aftermarket motorsports spare parts provide the ultimate in performance, safety, quality and value to enthusiasts around the world.

RUTU, driving your adventure!

Durable and longer-lasting, with specially-designed treads for increased traction on slippery roads.Enjoy a superb riding experience with this high-quality tire from RUTU!

Here are more details about our tires and inner tubes:

  • High wheel load capacity
  • Reduced instances of sidewall bulges
  • 5 years / 30,000 kms. mileage

Premium butyl rubber inner tube has superior air retention—tires stay fully inflated up to 180 days.

Impressive durability for up to 5 years service life or mileage for 30,000 km.

Pure copper air valve with thick rubber seat for secure and seamless connection.

Specified working pressure is 36 PSI max. Don’t overfill as this can cause the tube to burst.

For best results, before mounting your new tire and inner tubes, we suggest cleaning the inside of your rim and checking its surface for thorns, glass, or sharp objects before mounting.

Use a blunt edged tire mounting tool when installing the tire. Avoid using sharp tools such as screwdrivers as they may damage the tires and rims.

Enjoy safer rides with longer-lasting tires from RUTU.