LUCHEN 11 Inch Electric Scooter Road Pneumatic Tires Inner Tube Set Electric Scooter Inflatable Tires 90/65-6.5 (Suitable for 11Inch Electric Scooter) 2 Packs

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  • 【High-quality material】: Thick rubber, make the tire wear-resistant and durable. If you use the scooter on urban roads most of the time, change the road tires is a good choice. After using the road tires, the power consumption will be reduced, the cruising range will increase, and the tire noise will be reduced ane will be More quiet when you riding.
  • 【Please keep the inner tube full inflated】:Continuous driving in the condition of insufficient air will accelerate the damage of the inner tube and shorten the service time of the inner tube. The damaged outer tire can be repaired to continue to use, but the inner tire even after repair can not be used for a long time. So keep your inner tube inflated.
  • 【Material】:Rubber]Rubber 11 inches pneumatic inflatable inner tube tire tyre& outer tyre tire with inner tube bent valve (90/65-6.5) for electric kick motor electric scooter
  • 【Please Note】:This product will be shipped with 2 * tire and 2 * inner tube
  • Professional installation is highly recommended.

Product Description

11 inch scooter inner and outer tires

11 inch scooter inner and outer tires

Abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, puncture-resistant 11-inch scooter tires

Road pneumatic tires