Ninebot Tire 8 Inch Rear Explosion-Proof Solid Honeycomb Tires with Wheel Replacement for Segway Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES3 ES4 Electric Scooter Wheels Accessories (Black)

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  • 【HIGH SUPERIOR QUALITY GUARANTEE】:Tire for scooter is made of high-quality rubber material ,with textured surface design to provide anti-slip and excellent grip ,explosion-proof and pressure resistant,The high quality durable plastic is built to withstand thousands of miles of use!
  • 【WEAR RESISTANT PERFECT DESIGN】: Explosion-proof and wear-resistant no need to worry about puncture damage, lightweight and durable,No need to inflate,No more need for patches, inner tube, bicycle pump,Easy to install.
  • 【GREAT COMPATIBILITY】: This 8-inch tire is compatible with Xiaomi Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES4 electric skateboard tires.
  • 【BE CAREFUL】: Don't be fooled into purchasing low quality tires with poor traction. These parts will not maintain good traction and could put your life at risk!
  • 【TEACH YOU HOW TO INSTALL】:If you don't know how to install your tires, please contact us and we will give you an easy installation tutorial, a complete service system.

Product Description

Scooter Tires, 8 Inch Front Rear Solid Tire for Xiaomi/Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES3 ES4 Electric Scooter Wheel Replacement



The tire is specially designed for Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES4 Electric Skateboard. Our store specially provided 1 Stainless Steel Tire Levers. The scooter tire is made from high-quality Rubber, which has a long service life than other tires.


The design of the solid tire owns flexibility and buffer capacity. The tire could bear any pressure change and stay firm just like the traditional tire in fully aerated condition.

We are a merchant specializing in the production and sale of electric scooter accessories.

  • Brand: GLDYTIMES
  • Manufacturers GLDYTIMES

Antiskid Tread Pattern

1.It offer good seismic and non-slip performance,you can be used in snowy and rainy days offers maximum security for you. the scooterwith excellent shock absorber and buffering pressure performance. The texture on the tire surface help scooters have good grip and anti-skid ability.

Good Quality Material

2.8 Inch Solid tire is made of good quality natural rubber, without strong plastic odors and will not fade.

Great Replacement Wheels

3.Rubber solid wheel to replace front and rear wheels of scooter. Solid tire has been flexibility and buffer capacity,it tire can be stretched and will always return to its original shape,so the tire could bear any pressure change,It would stay firm just like the traditional tire in fully aerated condition.

Easy installation and Operation

No need to inflate,No more need for patches, inner tube, bicycle pump,convenient to use no need worry about puncture broken. The chore of repeated punctures is over. No repairs and no maintenance.

1) Please do not install the tire alone.

It is suggested that the installation is finished by more than two people or a professional bicycle repair shop which can ensure the success rate of tire installation. Some tools like screwdrivers, spanner, lever and microwave oven are required. Please read instructions carefully before installation

2) Special Attention is Required

We need to remind you that due to the design of the ninebot skateboard wheel hub, this tire will be very difficult to install if you don't have a hydraulic press. We recommend that you buy tires that include wheels.


Manufacturer GLDYTIMES
Material Rubber
Color Black
Type Solid Tire
Outer Diameter 18.5 cm
Inner Diameter 13.5 cm
Width 5.1 cm
Net Weight 480 g
Compatible Scooter Models Ninebot ES1/ES2/ES3/ES4