Scooter Replacement Tires Colored Solid Honeycomb Tyres for Xiaomi M365Pro 8.5 in Tire

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  • Is it the right scooter for me? - The electric scooter Solid tires are suitable for 8.5-inch tires, and the width of the hub slot is 5 cm (1.97 in). Please go to the "Scooter Official Website" to check the corresponding tire size and wheel slot size before purchasing. Easy to use and replace, it adjusts flexibly and fixes firmly.The solid tires adapt to both front and rear wheels. You can use 2 solid tires, or 1 solid tire and 1 tire with inner tube, it depends on your need.
  • Why Does the Received Look Smaller? - Solid tires are made of natural rubber and are stretchable. They will be smaller than 8.5 inches when received, but can be properly installed in 8.5-inch wheels. The reason is that after the tires are installed, the elasticity is used to tightly wrap the hub to stabilize the tires.
  • Honeycomb tire design - Honeycomb design tire More slip resistance and grip,anti-slip pattern, it can be used on snowy and rainy days to play safely on the scooter.These tires are explosion proof and pressure resistant to the characteristics of high load capacity and long life. And it is more convenient for customers to install and disassemble, and more flexible.
  • High Resistance - Solid tires are developed to cope with irregularities on the road, the shape and durability of honeycomb tires. The tires are made of natural rubber to maintain the flexibility of the pavement and polymer to increase strength.
  • Solid and durable and perfectly compatible - The honeycomb solid tires are compatible with for Xiaomi M365 / M365 Pro scooter.There is no longer any need for inner tubes, patch, pump to inflate. It's more practical and durable. With good shock absorption performance, and good seismic Flexible and durable.