Scooter Solid Tires, 2-Pack Electric Scooter Replacement Wheels Honeycomb Tire for Xiaomi Mijia/M365/Gxl/Pro2/V2/Gotrax Scooter Tires,8 1/2'' Front or Rear Replacement Anti-Slip Tires (Blue-1)

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  • 🛴Upgrade 8.5 inch solid tire - this 8.5 inch tyre is updated and modified based on previous tyres and customer feedback, single weight 750 g, 21.6 cm outer diameter, 13.7 cm inner diameter, suitable for M365 gotrax gxl V2/gotrax XR electric scooters and tyres are 8. 5 inch of various mini bicycles and scooters, with strong anti-vibration performance, front and rear wheels are universal. replacement tyres, solid rubber tyres with tool for Mijia M365/Pro electric scooter, solid rubber tyres, replacement wheels.
  • 🛴Straight balance groove design, energy saving, explosion-proof - small rotation resistance, energy saving, small rotation resistance, energy saving, high quality rubber resistance to high and low temperatures, to protect the dynamic balance of the car, the texture of the tyre above effectively improve the grip of the tyre road adhesion, the groove position of the tooth pattern anti-slip design, so you can drive safely and safely. rough and bumpy roads, suitable for a variety of environments.
  • 🛴Solid anti-point - this M365 solid tyre design without hose free inflation, thickened solid rubber tyres, without worrying about being punctured by sharp objects, wear-resistant high temperature, completely solve the number of problems when using pneumatic tyres, so you can travel safely and comfortably.
  • 🛴Preferred rubber material environmental protection - the 8.5 inch m365 tyres are made of high quality durable and highly elastic rubber material, odourless and environmentally friendly without fading, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, elastic even due to a strong impact is quickly again, load capacity up to 200 kg, but also without maintenance, as other ordinary tyres have a longer service life.
  • 🛴Full set of tools and after-sales service - our set of 1 M365 honeycomb tyre comes with 1 common wrench at the same time, which is convenient for travel as well as to replace the tyres, you can follow the picture to say the name of quick installation, if our tyres have any quality problems within 2 years, please feel free to contact us. we will be a new for Replace you or full refund, we will serve you 24 hours online.

Scooter Solid Tires, 2-pack Electric Scooter Replacement Wheels Honeycomb Tire for Xiaomi mijia/M365/gxl /V2/gotrax Electric Scooter Tires,8 1/2'' Front or Rear Replacement Anti-Slip Tires