Scooter Vacuum Tyre 90/656.5 11In Thickened Explosionproof Damping Tubeless Tire Electric Scooter Wheel

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  • [Vacuum Tires]The vacuum tire does not require an inner tube, which can effectively prevent tires from bursting.It has good explosion proof performance and is safer to use.
  • [Antiskid Performance]The vacuum tire has special texture on the surfaces, which can increase friction and provide good antiskid performance.It can be used in snowing and rainy day.
  • [Rubber Material]The vacuum tire is made of high quality rubber material, which is wear resistant, durable, not easy to break, and has a long service life.
  • [Good Impact Resistance]The vacuum tire has good impact resistance and buffering, which can prvide you with a superior using experience.
  • [Easy to Install]The vacuum tire is easy to install and use.The installation will not waste your time and improve efficiency.You can use it to replace the old or damaged tires.

1. Good air tightness, heat resistance and aging resistance, longer service life.
2. Vacuum tires do not require an inner tube and prevent tires from bursting, driving more stable.
3. Good impact resistance and buffering to ensure your driving safety.
4. Convenient installation and disassembly, save your time and improve efficiency.
5. Made of high quality rubber, more wear resistance and durable, reduce the replacement effectively.
Item Type: 90/656.5 Vacuum Tire
Material: Rubber
Weight: Approx. 1300g/ 45.9oz
Package List:
1 x 90/656.5 Vacuum Tire