Solid Rubber Tire 8.5 Inch for Gotrax GXL V2/XR/APEX XL Hiboy S2/S2R Xiaomi M365/Pro Kick Scooter Front/Rear Tyre Shock Absorption Honeycomb Explosion-Proof Replacement Accessories 2PCS

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  • 【Honeycomb Tire】This solid tire with honeycomb design is more flexible and durable than the normal one.The non-slip groove on the outside of the tire is deeper, grip design promises the riding safety. The tire can be stretched, but it will always return to its original shape due to its special honeycomb structure.Shock absorption leads to better ridding experience.
  • 【Natural Rubber】 Made of good elasticity material.It can produce certain deformation under the action of external force,can quickly recover after removing the external force,and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability,high strength and good overall performance.
  • 【Wear-Resistant】This product has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.It can maintain excellent performance at -40-80℃.It has passed the fatigue test at a speed of 25km/h and has a high level of comfort during road tests.There will be no obvious bumpy feeling when passing through potholes.
  • 【No Maintenance】 Solid tire is easy to operate,no need to inflate and no need for patches,it is convenient to use.No need to worry about puncture broken.The chore of repeated punctures is over.No repairs and no maintenance.
  • 【Compatible with】 Xiaomi M365 Pro/M365/Pro/Essential/1S,Hiboy MAX V2/S2R/S2/KS4/NEX5/NEX3,Gotrax GXL V2/XR Elite/XR Ultra/APEX XL,Vivobike S2/S3,Ducati PRO-1 EVO/PRO-1 PLUS,Cecotec Bongo Serie A,DENVER SCO-85351 THOR.

Product Description

Some Tips for New Buyers

  1. Please watch a few related videos on installation before trying by yourself. We provide two tire levers in the parcel. Maybe you need to prepare some more tools such as Vaseline or Soapy Water and Heat Resistant Gloves. One is to slather across the rim and inside the wheel for lubrication. Another is for holding the tire after heating.
  2. If you do not know how to change the tire and feel it hard to handle. You can take the scooter and tire to repair store for help. Maybe the workers understand how to operate, because they have more specialized tools.
  3. It's not an easy task, it requires a bit of strength and a good method. If you do not have the right technique, or the right tools. We do not suggest you make a purchase.

* Please measure and check these parameters before purchasing, otherwise incompatibilities may occur.

Tire Specification: Tire Outer Diameter 208±0.5mm, Tire Inner Diameter 140±0.5mm, Wheel Hub Diameter 155±0.5mm,Tire Width 50±0.5mm, Tire Groove Width 36±0.3mm, Tire Groove Depth 7±0.2mm.

Adapt to Rim Parameters: Rim Outer Diameter 165mm, Rim Groove Width 34mm, Rim Groove Depth 7mm.

* If you have any problems, please feel free to consult us, we will check it for you.

Step 1

Before installation,you need to put the full honeycomb tire in boiling water for 20 minutes to soften it.

Step 2

Cover the inner layer with soapy water or Vaseline (please avoid using the gasoline or lubricating oil, otherwise the tire will be damaged).

Step 3

Place either side of the hub on the tire and step on this side (It is recommended to place another tire under this tire).

Step 4

Use the professional tire levers to make the hub enter the tire,and adjust the tire to appropriate position.

Compatible with 8.5 inches Electric Scooter

  • M365 Pro/M365/Pro/Essential/1S,
  • Hiboy MAX V2/S2R/S2/KS4/NEX5/NEX3,
  • Gotrax GXL V2/XR Elite/XR Ultra/APEX XL/Rival,
  • Vivobike S2/S3,Ducati PRO-1 EVO/PRO-1 PLUS,Cecotec Bongo Serie A,DENVER SCO-85351 THOR.
Type Honeycomb Rubber Tire Honeycomb Rubber Tire Vacuum Tire Sports Drift Tire Comfort Tire
Features Dual Shock Absorption Dual Shock Absorption High Buffer Capacity Quick Release Quick Release
Size 8.5*2.0 10*2.5 60/70-2.5 10-2.75 10-2.75
Compatible Models Gotrax GXL V2/XR/APEX XL,Hiboy S2/S2R,Xiaomi M365/Pro Ninebot MAX G30/G30P/G30LP Ninebot MAX G30/G30P/G30LP Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini / Gokart Pro / Gokart Kit / Ninebot S MAX Ninebot Gokart Lamborghini / Gokart Pro / Gokart Kit / Ninebot S MAX
Package 2PCS 2PCS 1PC 2PCS 2PCS