Solid Tire for Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Mijia Mi M365 Pro/Gotrax Gxl V2/Gotrax XR, 8.5 Inches Electric Scooter Wheels 8 1/2'' Front or Rear Replacement Honeycomb Solid Tires(2 Piece)

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  • 🛴【Upgraded Xiaomi M365 tires】 - This solid tire is specially designed for Xiaomi Mijia M365/M365 pro electric scooter. The development of solid tires is to cope with the uneven road so as to make it difficult to be punctured by sharp objects.Therefore,this tire has an excellent advantage without being inflated and replaced frequently. The outer diameter is 8.25 inches,inner diameter is 5.5 inches,width is 2 inches.Universal for front and rear wheel.
  • 🛴【Anti-Puncture Solid Tire】 - This solid tire requires no air,no inflation,no repair,no maintenance,no piercing and no inner tube,so you needn't to worry about being punctured. The excellent cushioning ability keeps the tire firmer than the traditional pneumatic tire.
  • 🛴【Durable Scooter Tyre 】- The Xiaomi M365 tire is made of high-quality,wear-resistant rubber materials. The groove surface texture of the rubber makes it have excellent grip, precise stability and great handling features. This tire can last thousands of miles without any maintenance.
  • 🛴【Excellent Shock Resistance】 - The special honeycombs design of the scooter tire makes it equipped with excellent shock absorbers,explosion-proof and pressure resistance features. It works well in snow and rain while giving you maximum safety.
  • 🛴【2 Years Free After Sales】 - If the solid tire has any quality problems within 2 years, you can contact us to get a new solid tire or a refund, only high quality will make a high guarantee. Solid tires under the Cooryda brand are the choice of most people. Our customers are widely distributed in Europe and the United States and other regions. Cooryda solid tires provide you with satisfactory after-sales service!

Product Description

Cooryda Solid Tire was specially developed for the Xiaomi M365 / Pro scooter.

  • The full honeycomb tires are made of high-quality natural rubber. It is twice as thick as other products and is characterized by good penetration resistance, excellent tear resistance, scratch resistance and durability, which makes it more stable and comfortable when driving.
  • It is more durable than other conventional inflated tires. Let yourself fall in love with this new scooter.
  • Come! Your scooter is now ready to drive!
  • The non-slip groove on the outside of the tire is deeper, which prevents the tire from slipping and increases safety.
  • The inner layer of the tire is covered with a fall protection layer. Make sure that the tire is firmly attached to the wheel hub. Safe even when driving fast.
  • Honeycombs with brackets and holes are said to reduce trembling better. Honeycomb holes can give off heat faster for a longer life.

Good elastic rubber and the unique design of the honeycomb holes reduce the impact and increase the stability. Make your scooter perfect for all types of bumpy terrain.

Solid rubber tires do not have a tube and do not break. Don't be afraid of nail, glass and other sharp objects. No repairs, no swelling and no more stains. Say goodbye to tire repair!

The tires are made from natural rubber to maintain road and polymer flexibility for strength. The special rubber material with grooved surface offers excellent grip and wear resistance.


Material: rubber

Size (approximately):

Before installation: inside diameter 5.5 '' -14cm

Outside Diameter 8.3 '' / 21cm; Height 2 '' -5cm

After installation: outside diameter 8.5 '' - 21.6cm


  • Stronger durability - solid tires are made of more rubber materials, which have a longer service life than traditional pneumatic tires
  • More usage scenarios - solid rubber tires do not need to be inflated, no patches, no internal rubber tires, easy to use, no need to worry about punctures
  • Soft Elasticity -Our tires are made of high quality rubber material to ensure that they are flexible in addition to reliable work,reduce the unpleasant ride experience of rough roads.
  • Special designed to replace the front and rear wheels the scooter Xiaomi mijia M365 Scooter.
  • Sincerely wish you can successfully install, and our products can satisfy you.

Soften tires: You have to boil the tires with water at 100 ° C for 20 minutes. Or put the solid rubber tire in the microwave for 3 minutes. After 1 minute, you need to take it out, turn it over, and then put it back in to continue heating.

Apply soapy water, petroleum jelly or a special tire lubricant to the inside of the tire. The use of petrol and lubricants is prohibited, otherwise the solid rubber tires will be damaged.

Place the solid rubber tire on one side of the rim and step on that side.

Put the rim in the tire with a professional tire lever.