Solid Tires,8 1/2" Electric Scooter Replacement Wheels,8.5 Inches Front

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  • High Elastic Rubber Material - Amitor solid tire is made of high-quality natural rubber, which is more elastic than ordinary rubber, with its honeycomb hole design on the inside of the tire for 30% better shock absorption, and effectively relieve bumps on rough roads.
  • Non-Slip Groove Texture - The grooved textured surface of the scooter tire is designed with the latest technology to make the tire more wear-resistant and improve anti-slip performance. It can improve the safety of riding on rainy days.
  • Tubeless Solid Tires - Amitor 8.5-inch solid tires do not need to install the inner tube and require no inflation, easy to usepatches, or maintenance.easy to use. It has good elastic rubber and a unique honeycomb hole design, which can reduce the impact force and is not easy to be punctured.No repairs and no maintenance.
  • Complete installation tools - To make installation easier for our customers, we include a large tire lever and installation instructions in the Amitor Scooter solid tire package. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
  • 2 Year After-Sales Warranty - Amitor Scooter Solid Tire focuses on customer experience. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 2 year after-sales customer service from the date of purchase. If our solid tires have any quality problems within 2 years, you will get a new replacement or a refund by contacting us.

Product Description

AMITOR Scooter Replacement Wheels

Amitor Solid Tires designed for 8.5-inch Electric Scooter Replacement Wheels

The solid tires are made of natural rubber material, which is durable, highly elastic, and wear-resistant.

suitable for electric scooters with a wheel size of 8.5 inches.

1 Gravel Road 2 Highway 3 Plank Road 4 Slate Road
  1. Amitor Solid Tires

    The 8.5 " scooter tire replacement is compatible m365 Mijia Mi m365 pro/gotrax gxl V2/gotrax XR etc electric scooters. Please confirm your tire type before purchase.

  2. 8 1/2" Electric Scooter Replacement Wheels

    The 8.5-inch pneumatic tires use high-quality rubber, upgraded raw materials, one-piece molding, thickened and wear-resistant, comfortable and shock-absorbing. Comfortable far beyond solid tires.

Non-slip grooved surface

The design is textured to provide a good grip and prevent tire slippage. Make riding safer.

Anti-drop grooved surface

Make a tight connection between the tire and the wheel hub that will not come off.

Not afraid of being punctured

The elastic rubber and unique double-thickened design reduce impact and are not easy to be punctured.

Shock Absorption

Solid tires are made of high quality rubber material and with its honeycomb hole design on the inside of the tire for 30% better shock absorption.

Which models are these solid tires for?

For Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro/Gotrax gxl V2/Gotrax XR etc.

Can this scooter solid tires be used on dirt roads?

Yes, solid tires have high elasticity and are suitable for various road conditions.

Do I need to soften the tires before installation?

Yes, you can soften solid tires by heating them in boiling water for 20 minutes.

How flexible are these solid tires of scooters?

Made of thickened rubber material with high elasticity.

What material is used in the solid tires of this scooter?

Solid tires are made of thickened rubber material, which are flexible and durable.

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