Stormytime 8.5In Solid Tire Replacement for Scooter Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro/Gotrax Gxl V2, and so on 8.5 Inches Scooter Wheel'S Replacement Explosion-Proof Solid Tire「One Piece 」 (Fluorescence Blue)

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  • 【GREAT COMPATIBILITY】 Our tires are replacement for Xiaomi Mijia M365 / BIRD LIME JUMP SPIN & LYFT / gotrax gxl V2/gotrax XR/Hiboy S2R/Hiboy MAX/Hiboy S2/Hiboy MAX V2/Hiboy NEX3/HYPER GOGO/Hover-1 Journey/Swagtron SG-5/Gotrax/AovoPro ES80 etc.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY GUARANTEE】Solid tire made of high-quality rubber material with rubber grooved surface provides excellent grip! The groove texture on the surface of tires can make the solid tire have the effect of anti-skid and shock absorption.
  • 【 PERFECT DESIGN】Fluorescent tire explosion-proof, 8.5 inch Solid tire shock absorption and skid resistance, no need to worry about puncture damage. Luminous tire, it will illuminate your scooter at night, better to protect you safety when driving.
  • 【SAFE TRAVEL BEGINS WITH DETAILS】 Maximum load: 200 kg, Hub slot: 35 mm. No need to inflate, rolling smoothly even on surfaces that are uneven & bumpy. but remember to wear a hard hat before riding, because your safety is always in the first place.
  • 【TEACH YOU HOW TO INSTALL】The scooter tire is easy to use and replace, adjusted flexibly, and simple to install. If you don't know how to install tire, please contact us and we will give you an easy installation tutorial, a complete service system.

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Here’s what you will need for the job:
√ New solid tires, √ Allen wrench, √ Razor blade, √ Flat blade screwdriver, √ 18mm wrench, √ Lubricant, √ Silicone paste.
The installation process consists of two parts:
Remove the inflatable tire.
1. Find the red label and pull it off then loosen the two screws below it.
2. Remove the first plastic cover then loosen the other four small screws below it.
3. Turn the scooter over to the other side and repeat the process. You should now be left with one nut embedded deeply into the wheel under a plastic cover that is attached to the wheel support system.
Lift the cover slowly to avoid cracking it then loosen the nut below it using a wrench.
5. The wheel is now adequate enough to slide out easily. The motor cable is still attached (to the front wheel) so do not pull it off.
Fitting in the solid tire.
1.Add a lubricant on the rim of the wheel. This should manage the amount of friction that will be involved during the fitting.
2. You need to soften the solid wheel before fitting it: Boil some water to about 100oC in a pot large enough to fit the tire. Put it in (make sure that it is wholly immersed) then leave it for ten minutes.
3. As an alternative, you can heat the tire in a microwave for three minutes, checking it after every minute.
4. Once the wheel is soft enough, remove it and fit the rim into it. Let it cool for five minutes.
5. Fasten the nut and the other screws (while replacing the plastic cover) on both sides. This is basically the reverse of the initial process of removing the wheel. Also, make sure that you return the red labels.
NOTE:If you still don't know how to install your tires, please contact us and we will give you an easy installation tutorial video, a complete service system.
Your scooter is now ready to go!!!