Upgrade Electric Scooter Honeycomb Tire, 10 Inch Solid Non-Pneumatic Electric Scooter Rubber Tire with Anti-Explosion Shock Absorbent Replacement Wheel Tires for Xiaomi M365

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  • 👍 High-quality Materials --- This electric scooter tire is made of high-quality rubber material with high quality and wear resistance. It is durable and has a long service life
  • 👍 Shock Absorption and Anti-skid --- The electric scooter is designed with honeycomb holes, which has good shock absorption and anti-skid effects. This tire will provide a good help for your electric scooter and has better shock absorption performance
  • 👍 Non-pneumatic --- The tires are injection molded from environmentally friendly rubber materials. The model is a solid honeycomb tire that does not need to be inflated
  • 👍 Safety --- Electric scooter tires are sturdy in design. Compared with pneumatic tires, there is no danger of puncture. Therefore, the electric scooter tires are safer and more reliable to use. No maintenance, no maintenance
  • 👍 Application --- The electric scooter tires have a wide range of applications and can be used under different road conditions. The actual size will be slightly less than 10 inches (9.45inch) due to the need for a crowbar installation operation to be tightly engaged on the hub to ensure your riding safety

Product Description

Solid Replacement Tire for Xiaomi M365 Scooter

  • Solid tyre, special designed for the Xiaomi mijia M365 Electric Scooter, front and rear application.The special material with rubber grooved surface provides an excellent grip, resistance to wear and tear.
  • The full honeycomb tire is made of natural rubber. It is twice as thick as other tires, with wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and durable, making it more stable and comfortable to ride making you fall in love with riding a scooter.
  • The inner layer of the tire has an anti-drop layer. Make sure the tire is tightly connected to the hub of the wheel. It's just as safe even if it's faster.

Upgrade Electric Scooter Honeycomb Tire

  • The solid tire don't have a tube and explosion-proof. Not afraid of nails, glass and other sharp objects. No need to maintenance, no need to pump and no need to patches. Say goodbye to tire repair!
  • Resistant to perforation, non breathable, lightweight and durable, no need to pump.Superior Flexibility and a buffer capacity enables the tyre to be stable as the tyre traditional all-round ventilation cycle helmet.
  • Honeycomb hole design, the design of the solid tire has been studied to allow flexibility. the tire can be stretched, but it will always return to its original shape. its buffer memory allows to recover its shape according to the pressure and the changes of temperature.

Portable Solid Tire

  • The Solid Tire is easy to carry, you can pick it up very easily, makeing travel more comfortable.
  • To mount the M365 wheel well, please heat it through the microwave with 3 times 1 minute , or put it in boiling water for 10 minutes. Before you use the tyre, we suggest you to watch related video on youtube.com.


  • Type: electric scooter tire
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Material: rubber
  • Color: black
  • Outer diameter: 24cm/9.4inch
  • Net weight: 1488.6g/ 3.28lbs
  • Package: 1* electric scooter tire